Friday, 1 January 2016

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado - Peace Corps Volunteer

Sam Gray earned two degrees from Colorado University when he graduated in 2013: in Economics and International Affairs. Gray immediately started using his newfound education and skill to help local fishermen and business owners near the remote Laguna Limon in the Dominican Republic create economic solutions that will help sustain themselves for years to come. Gray helped set up Kayak Limon, a tour company that takes guests through the Laguna Limon on kayaks to witness the area’s teeming wildlife and the fascinating lives of the fishermen and others who live in the sleepy village near the lagoon. For the past two years, Gray has been working with the Peace Corps to develop this business, which he hopes will generate new life for the community.

Sam Gray has always been drawn to charitable works in Boulder, Colorado and beyond. In addition to volunteering in Boulder, Gray has also taken charity trips to Chicago and New Orleans. Gray went to Chicago to help people create opportunities in areas with little infrastructure and economic viability due to issues like violence and drugs. Gray helped people rebuild their homes and businesses after Hurricane Katrina wiped out people’s homes and livelihoods there. Wherever he goes, Gray seeks to help people overcome their obstacles and economic issues to find solutions that will enrich communities and help them thrive again.

Sam Gray took the degrees he earned in Boulder, Colorado and used them to help people in faraway places regain their economic viability. He doesn’t consider the work he does in the Dominican Republic charity work because he is simply giving people in the community where he works there the tools to start and run their own businesses and create opportunities for themselves and their families. Gray has seen the huge difference just believing in people can have when working with them to develop the economic infrastructure that can help them even in the smallest way. Gray hopes to one day start his own organization similar to the Peace Corps in which he helps develop business solutions for people struggling with poverty around the world.

Sam Gray believes he will one day return to Boulder, Colorado to continue his great work there as well. For now, he busies himself with creating the building blocks of success for those without the same opportunities that many of us take for granted in the United States. Gray hopes that he can continue his work for many years in the future.