Monday, 14 December 2015

Sam Gray - Boulder, Colorado Transplant

Sam Gray moved to Boulder, Colorado years ago. He attended Colorado University in Boulder where he graduated with degrees in International Affairs and Economics. He pursued those degrees because he wanted to help people around the world live better and more fulfilling lives. Gray pursued his dream of travel and helping people around the world by traveling to the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps. He helped set up a kayak tour organization with local fisherman and business partners there. Read more about his work in the Dominican Republic here.

Sam Gray has traveled far from Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to help spread good works and help people who need it. He is very involved in his local church and has traveled to many places to help the less fortunate. Gray went to Chicago to help families struggling in the inner-city with his church. He also helped rebuild homes and businesses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His experience on the ground helping people with their everyday lives in times of hardship and struggle led him to join the Peace Corps. He wanted to see the world and help people not only in his own country but in different continents living different kinds of lives.
Sam Gray knew he had to leave Boulder, Colorado to gain a different perspective on life. He loved the college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, but he heard the call of people suffering elsewhere and rushed to help them any way he could. In addition to his frequent travels across the country and internationally to help others, Gray also volunteered in the local Boulder community to help people live more enriched, fulfilling lives closer to home. A deeply religious young man, Gray knows that the power of his faith should be used to help others as much as possible. Since graduating from Colorado University, Gray has devoted his efforts to helping others.

Sam Gray hopes to one day return to Boulder, Colorado and the community that gave him so much and supported him for so long. Gray also hopes to start an organization that helps people overseas, much like the Peace Corps. His professional goals include being able to give back to the communities that have helped him over the years. His work overseas and throughout the United States has helped many people who were struggling with many problems already.