Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Counseling an Amazing Experience

Serving as a Camp Counselor was an amazing opportunity for Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, who enjoyed the chance to share not only his love of athletics and competition with local youths, but to also be a mentor and guide for those in such a crucial stage of young adulthood.

A Camp Counselor at the Ross Recreation Summer Camps for three years in a row, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado spent his free time enjoying the many benefits of mentorship, including the opportunity to work one-on-one with many eager and enthusiastic young people in order to develop their athletic skills, their understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork, and to encourage and inspire kids to take advantage of any opportunity they have to be physically-active.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, now a volunteer with the Peace Corps, found his experience as a camp counselor to be eye-opening, showing him not only the importance of communication, but also how to effectively instruct and impact the lives of young people. His experience at the camp, combined with his recently earned ESL Certification, should prove useful throughout his life, allowing him to better connect with students around the globe.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has a great time at the summer camp, and was able to not only work with young people, but to also enjoy the benefits of swimming, flag football, indoor skydiving and more. He was able to effectively develop both his communications and leadership skills while at the camp, which should prove to be very useful throughout his career.