Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sam Gray - From Boulder, Colorado to the Dominican Republic

Sam Gray traveled from Boulder, Colorado to a remote area in the Dominican Republic shortly after graduating from Colorado University with degrees in International Affairs and Economics in 2013. His journey is an unusual choice for most, but for Gray, the journey was necessary. Gray had been raised to help others whenever and wherever possible. From a young age, his parents have been heavily involved in their church community. They pressured him from a young age to get involved with service trips and other groups working directly in their communities to help the less fortunate. Gray’s parents quickly found that they didn’t need to push their son very hard. He soon found that he enjoyed traveling with parts of the church community to help others in different places.

Sam Gray moved to Boulder, Colorado before he started attending Colorado University. Before the move, Gray had shown willingness and an eagerness to learn about other people and how they live throughout the United States and the world. This interest coalesced into a degree in International Affairs to go along with his degree in Economics. He knew he wanted to study these subjects because he wanted to provide solutions to people around the world one day.

Sam Gray traveled with church groups from Boulder, Colorado to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina decimated so many communities there. Gray and his church group helped rebuild homes and businesses that had been destroyed, restoring a sense of peace and compassion that had been lost in the storm and its aftermath. Gray also traveled to Chicago to help inner-city families set themselves up for sustained success in areas with problems with crime, drugs, and violence.

After college, Sam Gray Boulder Colorado to pursue a new dream—to help people around the world develop economic solutions for themselves and build sustainable communities. Gray joined the Peace Corps and soon found himself with a team of other volunteers deep in the remote Dominican Republic jungle. Gray and his team introduced themselves to a small fishing village near Laguna Limon, a small, remote area teeming with fish and other wildlife. The area is so remote that few tourists visit, leaving the community to rely almost entirely on fishing to drive its local economy. Gray and his team helped establish a small tour company in the village that takes tourists out onto the lagoon and surrounding area on kayaks. For more information, visit