Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sam Gray - From Boulder, Colorado to the Dominican Republic

Sam Gray traveled from Boulder, Colorado to a remote area in the Dominican Republic shortly after graduating from Colorado University with degrees in International Affairs and Economics in 2013. His journey is an unusual choice for most, but for Gray, the journey was necessary. Gray had been raised to help others whenever and wherever possible. From a young age, his parents have been heavily involved in their church community. They pressured him from a young age to get involved with service trips and other groups working directly in their communities to help the less fortunate. Gray’s parents quickly found that they didn’t need to push their son very hard. He soon found that he enjoyed traveling with parts of the church community to help others in different places.

Sam Gray moved to Boulder, Colorado before he started attending Colorado University. Before the move, Gray had shown willingness and an eagerness to learn about other people and how they live throughout the United States and the world. This interest coalesced into a degree in International Affairs to go along with his degree in Economics. He knew he wanted to study these subjects because he wanted to provide solutions to people around the world one day.

Sam Gray traveled with church groups from Boulder, Colorado to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina decimated so many communities there. Gray and his church group helped rebuild homes and businesses that had been destroyed, restoring a sense of peace and compassion that had been lost in the storm and its aftermath. Gray also traveled to Chicago to help inner-city families set themselves up for sustained success in areas with problems with crime, drugs, and violence.

After college, Sam Gray Boulder Colorado to pursue a new dream—to help people around the world develop economic solutions for themselves and build sustainable communities. Gray joined the Peace Corps and soon found himself with a team of other volunteers deep in the remote Dominican Republic jungle. Gray and his team introduced themselves to a small fishing village near Laguna Limon, a small, remote area teeming with fish and other wildlife. The area is so remote that few tourists visit, leaving the community to rely almost entirely on fishing to drive its local economy. Gray and his team helped establish a small tour company in the village that takes tourists out onto the lagoon and surrounding area on kayaks. For more information, visit

Friday, 1 January 2016

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado - Peace Corps Volunteer

Sam Gray earned two degrees from Colorado University when he graduated in 2013: in Economics and International Affairs. Gray immediately started using his newfound education and skill to help local fishermen and business owners near the remote Laguna Limon in the Dominican Republic create economic solutions that will help sustain themselves for years to come. Gray helped set up Kayak Limon, a tour company that takes guests through the Laguna Limon on kayaks to witness the area’s teeming wildlife and the fascinating lives of the fishermen and others who live in the sleepy village near the lagoon. For the past two years, Gray has been working with the Peace Corps to develop this business, which he hopes will generate new life for the community.

Sam Gray has always been drawn to charitable works in Boulder, Colorado and beyond. In addition to volunteering in Boulder, Gray has also taken charity trips to Chicago and New Orleans. Gray went to Chicago to help people create opportunities in areas with little infrastructure and economic viability due to issues like violence and drugs. Gray helped people rebuild their homes and businesses after Hurricane Katrina wiped out people’s homes and livelihoods there. Wherever he goes, Gray seeks to help people overcome their obstacles and economic issues to find solutions that will enrich communities and help them thrive again.

Sam Gray took the degrees he earned in Boulder, Colorado and used them to help people in faraway places regain their economic viability. He doesn’t consider the work he does in the Dominican Republic charity work because he is simply giving people in the community where he works there the tools to start and run their own businesses and create opportunities for themselves and their families. Gray has seen the huge difference just believing in people can have when working with them to develop the economic infrastructure that can help them even in the smallest way. Gray hopes to one day start his own organization similar to the Peace Corps in which he helps develop business solutions for people struggling with poverty around the world.

Sam Gray believes he will one day return to Boulder, Colorado to continue his great work there as well. For now, he busies himself with creating the building blocks of success for those without the same opportunities that many of us take for granted in the United States. Gray hopes that he can continue his work for many years in the future.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Sam Gray - Peace Corps Volunteer Out of Boulder, Colorado

Sam Gray is a Boulder, Colorado transplant, but he feels like a local because of the time he spent in the small college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Gray attended Colorado University in Boulder, graduating with degrees in both International Affairs and Economics. Gray plans on using the information he learned and the skills he developed in both of those disciplines to help people around the world develop better economic solutions for themselves and their communities. Gray has spent two years volunteering with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and has traveled throughout the United States helping those in need with his church.

Sam Gray moved away from Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to work with the Peace Corps. He has always been inspired by the organization and its mission to help people throughout the world develop the skills and tools necessary to build economic solutions for themselves. Gray’s work took him to the Dominican Republic, where he helped set up a kayak tours company in a remote, natural area. He and his team worked with local fishermen to create a new way to make a living for themselves, their families, and their community. Gray found that his studies in International Affairs and
Economics helped him greatly in his work there.

Sam Gray has a long history of working in Boulder, Colorado and beyond to help people with his church. Long a devotee of his community church, he jumped at opportunities to help people in their own communities throughout the United States as soon as he was old enough to travel with the work groups. He traveled to New Orleans to help people rebuild their businesses and homes after Hurricane Katrina struck. He worked with people in Chicago who were struggling with violence and poverty in their communities. Gray has long supported others with his love of God and his faith in the power of helping hands.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado hopes to use his training in Economics and International Affairs to not only return to Boulder, Colorado and help the community there but also to set up his own international organization that can help reduce the suffering caused by global poverty everywhere. Gray knows the struggle of people trying to scrape by with meager opportunities and resources. He hopes that his help will continue to assist those suffering around the world. Gray is still at work with communities in the Dominican Republic.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Sam Gray - Boulder, Colorado Transplant

Sam Gray moved to Boulder, Colorado years ago. He attended Colorado University in Boulder where he graduated with degrees in International Affairs and Economics. He pursued those degrees because he wanted to help people around the world live better and more fulfilling lives. Gray pursued his dream of travel and helping people around the world by traveling to the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps. He helped set up a kayak tour organization with local fisherman and business partners there. Read more about his work in the Dominican Republic here.

Sam Gray has traveled far from Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to help spread good works and help people who need it. He is very involved in his local church and has traveled to many places to help the less fortunate. Gray went to Chicago to help families struggling in the inner-city with his church. He also helped rebuild homes and businesses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His experience on the ground helping people with their everyday lives in times of hardship and struggle led him to join the Peace Corps. He wanted to see the world and help people not only in his own country but in different continents living different kinds of lives.
Sam Gray knew he had to leave Boulder, Colorado to gain a different perspective on life. He loved the college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, but he heard the call of people suffering elsewhere and rushed to help them any way he could. In addition to his frequent travels across the country and internationally to help others, Gray also volunteered in the local Boulder community to help people live more enriched, fulfilling lives closer to home. A deeply religious young man, Gray knows that the power of his faith should be used to help others as much as possible. Since graduating from Colorado University, Gray has devoted his efforts to helping others.

Sam Gray hopes to one day return to Boulder, Colorado and the community that gave him so much and supported him for so long. Gray also hopes to start an organization that helps people overseas, much like the Peace Corps. His professional goals include being able to give back to the communities that have helped him over the years. His work overseas and throughout the United States has helped many people who were struggling with many problems already.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Teaching English as a Second Language

Teaching English to adult learners is a rewarding yet challenging task. Adult learners tend to bring more issues to the classroom than child students that a teacher must address before creating a successful learning environment.

It’s important to consider the social foundation of adult students since this can have an effect on they way you teach and how they learn. Adult students bring their own traditions and lifestyle habits into the classroom, which usually differs than the environment they are learning in. Sometimes, students may act in ways that are acceptable in their home country, however, may clash with the learning environment in their new country. It’s important to consider every student’s country and origins to properly teach English and foster a viable and positive classroom environment.

Another helpful tip is to try to establish a connection with your students and understand where they are coming from before teaching them English. Your students should get to know you first before you can help them figure out how to speak in English. Ask their names and get some information about their families. This will help encourage a feeling of community in the classroom.

Lastly, it is important to understand that each student regardless of their educational foundation has their own particular understanding of the language. The instructor must have the capacity to adjust their teaching style and include everyday life scenarios to help their students understand and associate their knowledge and skills in English with real world situations.

College alumni Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado wants to give others the chance to succeed. He is an English-as-a-Second-Language educator; He wants to teach the necessary language skills to others so they may have the understanding and ability to become successful and more prominent in the international business sector.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado: The Conference on World Affairs

Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado is a graduate of the University of Colorado. He double majored in Economics and International Affairs, and received his degrees in May of 2013. He is currently based in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Apart from CU football and basketball games, Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado says that one of the most exciting events held on campus each year is the Conference on World Affairs. More than two hundred events make up the week-long conference, and they are all free and open to the public. It is a huge draw locally, and many people mark their calendars and live in anticipation of the conference, which is held during the first part of April.

Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado says that the Conference on World Affairs regularly features prominent figures from the worlds of politics, academia, and the arts. Past speakers have included such names as Eleanor Roosevelt and Henry Kissinger, and the 2015 lineup includes legendary folk singers Graham Nash and David Crosby.

One of the most popular past participants was the late film critic Roger Ebert, who once said the Conference on World Affairs was more like "the conference on everything conceivable." He always hosted an even called Cinema Interruptus, which has been renamed Ebert Interruptus in his memory. He selected an important film and would interrupt it during its screening to discuss one important element or another. The interruptus showing is always preceded by an uninterrupted screening of the same film.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Seeks New Adventures

The world is a vast and complicated place, though an abundance of opportunity and adventure is available to those seeking a broader worldview and experience. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an adventurer, volunteer and college graduate, is always in pursuit of a new experience and/or adventure, something that helps to keep life fresh, interesting and that presents a new and exciting challenge.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now enjoys the opportunity to not only participate in a life-changing adventure, but to also help people in dire need of support. A recently accepted volunteer with the Peace Corps organization, Sam Gray of Boulder now has the chance to explore a completely new climate and culture, immersing himself in the wonderful and interesting landscape of the Dominican Republic.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is certainly no stranger to the prospects or opportunities of adventure. A long-time resident of Boulder, Colorado, Sam Gray has had access to some of the most scenic, physically challenging and exciting adventure opportunities on the planet, all of them only an arms-reach away in the majestic Rocky Mountains. The opportunities to raft, ski, fish, camp and more have been close to him for years, providing both him and his colleagues the chance to immerse themselves in adventure and excitement.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an optimistic, helpful and dedicated volunteer, hopes to experience that sense of accomplishment that comes from making a substantial difference in someone’s life. He is well on his way to leaving a positive, lasting and indelible mark on the Dominican people.

Learn more about Sam Gray’s work in the Dominican Republic at